How would you feel?

A quiet, unassuming man who I will call Paul because he reminds me of what I believe the Apostle Paul must have been like, sat with me on several occasions as he told his story, which has been verified by several people. Years ago Paul was miraculously healed of liver cancer. When Paul learned that he had cancer, he […]

Stories of Persecution

Hello Friends, Today was difficult!  Partly because of the 100 + temperatures along with the air conditioning being down most of the day, but mostly, it was hard because of what we heard from the pastors we are teaching in Bangladesh. We are teaching 34 pastors in spiritual leadership. Before the first session the men get up and share […]

We have arrived!

Greetings from Nepal! Pastor Richard and I arrived in Kathmandu, Nepal this morning. We have heard amazing stories from our Wooddale Church planting leaders. God is at work in this region, thank you for praying and supporting Wooddale Worldwide through Vision ’22 giving. We have the privilege of speaking into the lives of 30 pastors who have […]

Vision ’22 Spring Praise and Prayer Requests

Quarterly the Wooddale Prayer Ministry sends to over 800 Vision ’22 Prayer Partners a praise and prayer request email.  If you would like to join this team of prayer warriors, please contact vicki.windfeldt@wooddale.org. Wooddale Vision ’22 Prayer Partners Praises and Prayer Requests April 2016 Thank you, Prayer Partners, for serving the Lord through prayer and […]

Syrian Refugee Update (March 2016)

As you may recall, our Christmas Eve offering was designated to help refugees in Southern Jordan. Wooddale Church in partnership with Questscope. A Brief Recap: Since 2011, over 4 million Syrian refugees have been forced to flee their country and seek refuge in neighboring nations. In addition to the 630,000 UN-registered Syrian refugees in Jordan, there […]